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With Hagman, Duffy, Gray and new cast                                                                                   Photos: Theo Kingma

Not Southfork

  It’s been more than 20 years since the final episode of Dallas was screened on American television but now the main members of the original cast have met up again at Southfork for a new, updated version of the twisting saga of the oil-rich Ewing family.
  I looked in at the Dallas studios where Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray are filming the tenth episode of the new series, along with a cast of young newcomers bringing fresh flavour to the dirty dealings of J.R his family.    
  Hagman is now 81 but his J.R. character is as Machiavellian as ever. “You’ve got to really pay attention to this show because things happen so quickly and people get stabbed in the back so fast by their loved ones,” he told me. “I keep reading the scripts and saying, ‘My God, how far are they going to go with this?'”.
  And by the way, the fence I’m leaning on might look as if it’s part of the famous Southfork ranch but in fact it’s a painted backdrop in the studios in downtown Dallas.
  Clever people, these filmmakers.



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