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Healthy height: Keen gardener Eve Fielding, of Kent, was shocked to see her sunflower grow to 23ftThis enormous sunflower has been nicknamed the ‘Eiffel Flower’ after growing to a whopping 23ft – and is on course to break a world record.

The huge plant has grown from a humble seed planted in the garden of the home of Eve Fielding, in Margate, Kent, reports London’s Daily Mail.

 Eve, 48, had sown a handful of seeds as part of a light-hearted competition with her four-year-old granddaughter, and planted this one as a spare. She watered it every day but didn’t give it any special attention and says she expected it to grow to around 12ft, just like the dozens of other flowers she’s planted over the years.

 But to her amazement it soon shot past the height of her other blooms – and shows no sign of stopping.

 It now towers well above the mother-of-two, who is 5ft 2in, and could even break the world record of 26ft 4in.
Eve said: ‘It’s enormous – I really can’t believe it’s grown this tall.

‘I planted a few seeds with my granddaughter so we could have a race to grow the biggest one.”



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