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Vert nice: The eco-plans were leaked by Le Figaro newspaper

The Eiffel Tower is set to be transformed into a giant green ‘jungle’ covered in 600,000 plants.
In a controversial plan which will transform the Paris skyline, an astonishing £65m (76m euros) will be spent on making it the most ‘ecologically correct’ tourist attraction in the world.
But many have already expressed outrage that the world famous ‘Iron Lady’ – which attracts seven million visitors a year – will no longer live up to the vision of its industrial age creators.
Of course, that wouldn’t be a first. When it was first erected in 1889, it was ridiculed as a ‘blot on the landscape’.
Ginger, an engineering company which specialises in ecological projects, will work with building firm Vinci, and the architect Claude Bucher on the scheme, which is due to be completed within a couple of years. It will see the 1,063ft tower turn into a flagship of eco-tourism, introducing thousands of baskets of plants, as well as a state-of-the-art irrigation system made up of 12 tonnes of rubber tubing.



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