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Having been ringside at all Sugar Ray Leonard’s Las Vegas fights, including his two memorable wars with Tommy Hearns, it was good to catch up with him the other day, some 20 years after his last significant fight, and find him still in fighting trim and high spirits.

He is carving out an unexpected career in movies, having played himself in The Fighter and being hired as the fight consultant in the robot boxing movie Real Steel. 

  He tells me he is still in touch with his old rival and says: “Tommy Hearns and I are very good friends and we call each other regularly. He’ll say, ‘Hey Ray, how much do you weigh?’ and I say, ‘Why?’ 
    “The last conversation I had with him he said, ‘Ray, people still love us and we should do a U.S. tour of exhibition fights.’ I said, ‘ Do you mean me hitting you and you hitting me?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’
I said, ‘Tommy, has anyone told you I’m 55 years old and a granddad?”



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