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Met up with a couple of intergalactic alien beauties at a wild party at Coco Bongo, Cancun’s premier nightclub and disco the other night. Unfortunately it was early in the evening and the three of us were sober at the time. The serious-looking space babes were on hand as part of a promotional bash for Men In Black 3, the sequel to the sequel, which again stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones but this time also features Josh Brolin, Alice Eve and Emma Thompson.

Pitbull. Picture: Theo Kingma

 As guests tucked into lashings of drink and food, singer/rapper Pitbull and his band cranked up the party spirit with a live performance of  Back in Time, the theme for the movie. Pitbull looked like a Man In Black himself, rocking a black suit and some shades as he performed to a cheering, mostly inebriated crowd. Shrewdly, he releases his seventh studio album, Global Warming this summer at the same time Men In Black 3 hits the theaters.



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