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From Alice in Wonderland

  Glad to see the exhibition of Tim Burton’s movie memorabilia—and particularly his drawings and photos—is attracting plenty of attention from critics and would-be buyers.
  The exhibition, which made its debut in New York and then went on to Toronto and Melbourne, has just opened at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and brings together more than 700 of his works, costumes and film-related props.  
  Burton, 52, who flew in for the opening from London, where he is directing Johnny Depp in the vampire movie Dark Shadows, created seven new pieces for the L.A show. “I just like making things,” he says. “When I stop making movies I can imagine myself living in a trailer out in the desert making weird things.” 
  I have a limited edition signed lithograph of one of Burton’s Alice in Wonderland drawings, so the more popular and in demand he becomes, the happier I’ll be.



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