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King’s Road victory parade

What a day! Chelsea finally won the Champions League to be officially declared the best club side in Europe by beating their German rivals Bayern Munich on penalties after the extra time score ended at 1-1.

Garden party: tea and cakes

  Shortly after John Terry collected the trophy and as wild celebrations were erupting in British pubs across California the British Consul-General in Los Angeles, Dame Barbara Hay, hosted a genteel garden party for expatriate Brits and American friends at her home.
 After plates of crustless cucumber sandwiches, a cornucopia of cakes, gallons of Pimms, cups of tea and plenty of polite small talk but no mention by Dame Barbara of Chelsea’s classic victory, there was only once place to go and that was back to Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica where Chelsea fans were still cheering and drinking and the beer was flowing. Not so coincidentally, several of the garden party guests also arrived, having shed their prim and proper demeanour, and anxious to join a real party. 
  What a day! What a night! And what a following day as thousands of Chelsea fans packed the King’s Road for the team’s victory parade.  
 Now two questions need to be answered: Will Roberto DiMatteo get the manager’s job permanently? And will Didier Drogba, the hero of the day, stay at Stamford Bridge?




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