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Name ralph stephenson
About I've worked in cinema, press, publishing, radio & TV since age 14, in Nottinghamshire & in London since 1970 although I worked for Sir Richard Branson's Student magazine and BIT Alternative Information earlier. A radio DJ from 1966 to '71, mainly as Martin West; in local pirate radio and mobile discos & Nottingham clubs then BBC Radio Nottingham in 1969. In 1970 as Robin Randall ('70-'71) at BBC Radio Brighton and in local clubs. My press experience began in 1960 as unpaid newsroom messenger for The Nottingham Evening News on Saturdays, reaching it's height as reporter from 1973 to 1981 mainly for LBC/Independent Radio News. During campaign for UK commercial radio (1967-72) I began the original Radio Free London in August 1968 with ex-Radio Caroline DJs Spangles Muldoon, Stevie Merrick and Jason Wolf, with John Pearson & Peter Golding from Nottingham. RFL was live with as professional a sound as possible on meagre resources. The aim was to stay on air until caught – which took three days! Following publicity was enormous. RFL continued by others, became an ancestor of later stations that eventually went legal, as they've freely acknowledged. My first 16mm film documentary; Schools Action Union (1972-3) was distributed first by Andi and Pam Engel's POLITKINO (1973-76) then byTHE OTHER CINEMA (1976-84) after a merger.Production helped by Cinema Action (a home!) John Chesterman (a camera) Prof. Fletcher DuBois (a sound recorder) Robin Murton (sound assistant) Mithras Films (free overnight cutting room) and Nick Reid's Cobra Films (post production financing) not forgetting Martin Corbett (caption cards designer)I've worked with many producers, directors, artistes and companies since, mainly as cameraman or stills photographer. My business names included:Duo Films London (1972-86) Associated Media Services (1986-89) Woodvale Television Projects (1989-2001) WOODVALE (2001-03)then my own name since Sep 2003. I also founded, own and run THE LIBRARY OF HOME MOVIES (LHM LONDON) a unique service in Europe (maybe the world) since 1995 – a library exclusively of home movie films from the 1920's onwards and now home video from the 1970s onwards, available for researchers and programme makers. Leading clients include: ITN, Carlton, Harlech, Anglia, BBC People's Century, Horizon, Money Programme, BBC London and Fragment Films, the producers of the ITV-1 series; THE WAY WE WERE. Recent video work includes music acts Elephant Shelf, Alisha Sufit, Rupert Herries, Maggie Sand and Sand Dragon, The Delta Ladies, Dave Shannon, Serica, Jeanie Barton, Big Chief, Atila Husyen, Tim Collinson, Delta Tom Colborne, and the London College Of Fashion graduate collection of Ada Zanditon.2009 and more recent Ada photoshoots.Later video with Jim Rodford, bass player with Mike Cotton Sounds, The Zombies, Argent, The Kinks in St. Albans. Hear a rare BBC interview with me and see my earliest known surviving (1969) film on http://www.bbc.co.uk/nottingham – click on Nottingham's Moon Dance, this now permanently on the site. My Flickr photo gallery address is:www.flickr.com/photos/ralphstephenson My very special thanks to Norman Tozer 1934-2010-very influential in my career since 1974. My very special thanks also to John Weber (1932-2010) 05.12.10 Filmed Chris Farlowe live at The Music Palace, Crouch End appearing with the Norman Beaker band and Elephant Shelf.March 2011: contributed photos and an article to the theatre history website http://www.arthurllyod.co.uk April 2011 – filmed Serpentyne and Alquimia at The Magical Faeries Festival, Canterbury.May 2011- directed and shot a music video for Serpentyne.later 2011- photographed the British Museum and Library Singers.late 2011- produced CD of British Museum & Library Singers. Jan-Feb 2012- shot video for Elephant Shelf and The Delta Ladies, photographed the Look Book & shot video for Ada Zanditon's AW12-13 fashion collection Simia Mineralis. Mar. 2012: shot performance video of Art Themen, saxophone, at The Googlies Jazz Supper Club, North London. Music video shoot at University of the Arts, Elephant and Castle, London for Sebastian Bartz. Spring 2012: Interview shoot with Barry Marshall Everrett, performance and interview shoots also of The Black Twig Pickers, Woody Pines and Amelia White and produced a second CD of The BMBL Singers. Oct '12 – two Ada Zanditon shoot photos published in Vogue. Jan 2013 – partial retirement, please note!

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