Sharon Stone: I am too old to play another Basic Instinct – TV interview



In an interview for my BBC show, Alternative Cinema, Sharon Stone told me that she was too old to play another Basic Instinct. “I am older, I am 55 year-old. I’ll be playing mothers and this kind of characters.”

The Hollywood star also denied the recent reports that had appealed to young actresses to take off their clothes for sex scenes.

Stone has recently starred in the biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace, Lovelace, in which she plays the conservative mother. But soon she will be seen in Fading Gigolo, alongside Woody Allen and John Turturro, playing a sex-craved bisexual.

The interview airs on BBC arabic on Saturday 06 Oct 2013, 710 pm (UK Time), and repeated Monday and Thursday 10pm (UK Time).