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As an aspiring filmmaker, I have started at Leeds Metropolitan University and am currently on my first year of a BA (Hons) degree in Film Making. I have moved here from all the way down south in West Sussex and I must say the change from working life in a small town to the big city at University is different to say the least.

My first point of call when I got here was to get involved in as many things I could possibly be a part of with the restrictions of five days of university a week. I joined a film society which has different film screenings and events during the year, and also joined our Universities Met Media which includes Met TV, where students can be a part of filming a short television piece for different events and we are also beginning to start live streaming, Met Online, where we can write reviews, news and articles on any subject and Met Radio, which is a fully functioning radio station where we can also deliver news and reviews and have started creating podcasts. I will be writing film reviews and film festival reviews for Met Online which I will link each week to this page.

I also started doing my research on cinemas that would be good for me to go to and also review films. The cinema that most interested me was The Hyde Park Picture House. Hyde Park Picture House, which is located in the Hyde Park area of Leeds funnily enough, was purpose built during the First World War in 1914. The pages of the Yorkshire Post were devoted to showing news of the war at the time, however it did dedicate a small article to its opening. It is one of the few surviving picture places in the United Kingdom and as a Grade 2 listed building, the Hyde Park still boasts many original features including gas lighting and a decorated Edwardian balcony.  It is the only gas lit cinema remaining in use in the UK. The ornate gas lamp outside the entrance is also Grade II listed. With its classic façade and atmosphere, the Hyde Park Picture House has been through many changes in its long history. It is now home to a mix of art-house and mainstream films, backed up by screenings of classics.

I went to Hyde Park Picture House to let myself be known and let them know I am a journalist and would like to come here to see my films I will review. The cinema is a beautiful place to relax and get immersed in a film as it doesn’t feel like a cinema, it has the original curtains that open to show the film and beautiful orchestral music playing beforehand. I would strongly recommend if anyone is visiting.

I contacted UK Screen four months ago and asked if there was anyway if I could be apart of the website, and soon enough I started sending some drafts and now write for them weekly and I am hopeful to write a lot more for them.

My next couple of articles will more in depth about film.

Look out for Lovelace Review and Goodfellas Vs Taxi Driver article.

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