Nicole Kidman: There is no difference between biological and adopted children – TV interview

Being an adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman felt a¬†special connection with¬†Sue Brierley, whom she played in “Lion,” which tells the story of an Indian child, Saroo Brierley, who got lost and could not find his family, and ended up being adopted by an Austrian couple, John and Sue Brierley. At the age of 25, Saroo¬†traced her biological family with the help of Google maps.

Like the Brierleys, Kidman says that she also felt the need to adopt, when she was married to Tom Cruise (1990-2001). Although she later had her own biological kids with her second husband Keith Urban, she insists that the emotional bond with her adoptive and biological children is exactly the same.

The Oscar-winning actress ¬†reveals that she often opts for dark roles because she is interested in the human psyche, and likes to explore different emotions and states of mind. “I love being molded by a great director,” she says.

But she also likes to work with first-time director, like Lion’s director Garth Davis. “Talent is talent. I like working with talented directors and support them.”

The Australian superstar often stretched herself artistically to extremes in her roles, but she says there are limits. “I wont do anything exploitative or abusive and demeaning to me as a woman.”