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Kings Speech director backs BFIs youth film academy

Kings Speech director backs BFIs youth film academy

Kings Speech director backs BFIs youth film academy

A government-commissioned report has claled for more cultural education in schools.

Darren Henley – who runs the Classic FM radio station – concluded that there is “a great deal of patchiness” in the amount of drama, arts, dance and music that schools receive at schools across the country.

The Education Secretary Michael Gove has backed much of the report, insisting that cultural education should not be “a closed shop for poorer pupils.” His Department is promising to increase the exposure of culture to children, both in schools and in new Saturday clubs.

The measures in the report include £3 million pounds of government money to set up a film academy for 16 to 19 year olds, that would be run by the British Film institute.

The chief executive of the BFI, Amanda Nevill, said “The arts are a fundamental part of a rounded and fulfilled life. Film in particular helps us to better understand the world and our place in it, to appreciate other cultures and other view points.” She said the recommendations in the review were an intelligent investment in our future.

The film director Tom Hooper, who won awards including the Oscar, BAFTA and Independent Spirit Award for The King’s Speech a year ago, noted that the inspiration to become a filmmaker and the opportunity to achieve it do not always go hand in hand. “It is vital for the future of the British film industry that we nurture the next generations of creative, successful and internationally in-demand film-makers,” he added.



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