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Ginger Lynn

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the vultures descend whenever there’s a tragedy or misfortune to be cashed in on? The other day private love letters written more than 60 years ago by Elizabeth Taylor miraculously appeared and are for sale to the highest bidder. Now, that tacky purveyor of tat Ginger Lynn is trying to make some quick bucks out of the troubled actor Charlie Sheen, who had a brief fling with her some 20 years ago when she was, she proudly says, the first “adult movie star” (she means porn actress) he consorted with.

Sheen in $500 red shirt

Along with such classy items as used panties, stained lingerie and blurry Polaroid pictures, Lynn is offering for sale for a minimum bid of $500 a letter Sheen wrote to her when he was in rehab in 1990. Another $500+ will buy his red shirt (as seen in People magazine!).
 All very unappetising. But what else can one expect from a saleswoman whose motto is: “If it’s naughty and you know it, get it here?”



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