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Heavy: Keith Martin weighs in at 58-stone and is believed to be the world's fattest man  Meet Keith Martin, who weighs in at 812 lbs and is believed to be the world’s fattest man. 
 With eight men and an extra large stretcher needed to move him, he hasn’t been able to leave his house in ten years. . 

The 42-year-old heavyweight, from Harlesden, north-west London, is believed to have taken the fattest man title from a 1,260 Mexican called Manuel Urbe, who has gone on a diet and is now a lighter 450 lbs. 
 Keith, who has not had a girlfriend for 20 years, began binge eating after his mother died when he was a teenager. Now he cannot find clothes to fit him and is so fat he is forced to lie in bed every day.
  ‘I blame myself. It was my fault, I hate what I have done to myself’, the former warehouseman told an English newspaper. 
‘My mother died when I was 16 and I didn’t care about anything after that and couldn’t care less what happened to me, I ate anything and everything.’



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