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Jodie Foster tells me she didn’t fancy kissing a stubbly Mel Gibson for a scene in their new movie The Beaver.

So Foster, who directed as well as co-stars in the dark drama, ordered Gibson: “Shave your face!”

Jodie and Me

She explained: “It was the sex scene and I told him that he had to shave because if he was going to kiss me a whole bunch of times, I was going to get red and it would last into the next day.

“He was so worried about getting me all scratched up that not only did he shave but he also did all this exfoliation stuff so his skin was like it was completely raw.

“I had jeans on and he started rubbing his face on my jeans and when he sat up his face was completely broken out. The rest of the day he was saying, ‘She’s an animal! Look what she did to me!'”



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