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  My recent items about Yvonne the runaway cow attracted plenty of attention and several people have asked whether she was ever caught and if so what happened to her. 

 So here’s the rest of the story:
 After being wooed by a bull with a “deep baritone moo”, teased with the promise of being reunited with her son and telepathically contacted by a Swiss animal whisperer, Yvonne was finally brought back to captivity by much more prosaic means: an anaesthetic shot.
 The Scarlet Pimpernel of the bovine world grabbed the German imagination when she escaped from her Bavarian farm after apparently sensing that she was about to be slaughtered in May. With a price of €10,000 on her head, she managed four months on the run before a farmer reported seeing her on his land. Yvonne’s story gripped Germany for much of the summer, with one newspaper saying the cow had become “a kind of freedom fighter for the animal-loving German republic”.
  Konrad Gutmann, 46, claimed the €10,000 reward offered by the German tabloid Bild after the seemingly lonely animal wandered into his meadows to befriend his cows. “She seemed lonely,” Gutmann said. “She  was very nervous and you could see the stress of the past days and weeks had taken its toll on her.”
  But Yvonne put up a significant fight before being tranquilised and transported to the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary at Deggendorf which now owns her after buying her for €600 to prevent her slaughter.
  The sanctuary promises that Yvonne will remain comfortable and undisturbed, if captive, for the remainder of her days.



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