Leeds’ first ever DIY film festival, No Gloss Film Festival, celebrates low to no budget films from independent film-makers, both local and international. The festival promotes and encourages do-it-yourself cinema as a platform for independent cinema to be known to a wider audience.

No Gloss was formed in early February 2012 to cater to the need for a local film festival that supports and celebrates independent cinema and film-making. The name ‘No Gloss’ was created from the idea that they needed to showcase independent films without the clichéd baggage that the industry often puts upon a film in order to be seen. This soon became the premise for the entire festival to be a no-frills film festival by making the film submissions free, with the application process relatively easy with no high barriers and allows individuals from all walks of life to display their films. All kinds of films are accepted from art house to animations to music videos and more. Tickets are affordable prices and the location is generally in favour of unique places as opposed to exclusive, luxurious places so it really means it is accessible for all.

Once the website was created, the vision was soon realised when through social media over 180 films had been submitted from producers and directors everywhere. The first festival was launched in September 2012 in a former Victorian pie factory!

LeedsOnline stated at the time, ‘I can’t wait until the next one.’

I will be reviewing the festival for UK Screen, my personal blog and Met Online so make sure you take a look.

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This will be a great event so please take some time to take a look.

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