Anthony Hopkins: I’ll read the phonebook as long as they pay me

Anthony Hopkins

If Walt Disney Studios ever decides to make another Thor sequel the chances are they will think twice before inviting Anthony Hopkins to help promote it, following his remarks about Thor 11: The Dark World.

The 75-year-old Oscar-winner, who plays the God Odin in the movies based on the Marvel comics, told journalists at D23 Expo, Disney’s version  of Comic-Con: “I haven’t seen the movie and I’ve forgotten it. It’s hard to follow the story in the script. This is not really my world. I’ve come to Marvel at a late stage in my life and I’m used to doing more conventional films. But it’s interesting.

“All I was concerned about sometimes was to turn the dialogue that I had into something that was more human instead of too overwritten. Mock Shakespeare.”
Hopkins, who received a standing ovation from the fans at the Expo, held at Anaheim Convention Centre, said: “I think they applaud me because I’m old and I suppose they saw a poor old guy so they all stood up for me.”

He said he took the role because Kenneth Branagh, who directed the first Thor, asked him to. “I knew Ken and he said ‘Would you like to play Odin?’ I said, ‘Yeah, okay.’ At my age if they offer me the phone book to read, I’ll read it, as long as they pay me.”

Hopkins, who stopped drinking and smoking many years ago, works out five days a week and watches his diet carefully. “I feel good,” he says. “Mentally, emotionally and physically I feel the best I’ve felt in years. That’s why I go on working because I think I would surely die if I didn’t.”

He is currently filming a serial killer thriller, Solace, and has several more film roles lined up although he is not sure what they are. “I’ve got one coming up soon with a great visionary director,” he said

“I don’t know the guy’s name but apparently he’s very famous and very good. And I’ve been offered to play a vampire hanging upside down. I don’t know if I’ll do it but I’m game for anything.”