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Matt Damon to make a directorial debut

Matt Damon

After years of searching for the right project to direct, Matt Damon has finally found one forts kostenlosen. The Oscar-winner is in negotiations to direct A Foreigner, an international conspiracy thriller based on The New Yorker article, A Murder Foretold, which chronicles the true story of a man gunned down in Guatemala and leaves behind a videotape implicating the country’s president and first lady shader model 3.0 kostenlos downloaden.

The story will be adapted to the screen by Oscar-winning scribe Chris Terrio, who wrote Ben Affleck’s’ Argo.

Last year, Damon missed out on directing Promised Land, which he co wrote with John Krasinski, due to scheduling conflict with Neill Blomkamp’s movie Elysium, which was shooting in Mexico City happy birthday herunterladen. Gus Van Sant replaced him on Promised Land.

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