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  It is the parking space which would challenge even the most skilled of drivers.
  And quite what bungling council workers thought when they were painting up this disabled bay remains a mystery.
  Planted squarely in the middle of the space outside the house of Rebecca Fairchild is a rather inconveniently placed lamppost.

The most ludicrous parking bay in Britain: Rebecca Fairchild with son Joshua, who suffers from epilepsy and autism, in the bay with a lamppost in the middle   The mother-of-two, 38, had campaigned for ten months to get the bay installed.

She was concerned that her disabled son Joshua, five, who suffers from severe autism and epilepsy, could be knocked down as he got out of her car. 
 Staff at Essex County Council finally caved in and agreed to convert a stretch of pavement into a disabled parking bay – only for bungling contract workers to paint it around a lamp post.  

  Mrs Fairchild said: ‘It’s just ridiculous. We’re totally mortified by the whole thing. Who in their right mind would put a disabled bay around a lamp post?  
‘This has been very stressful for us because people just keep pointing and laughing and stopping and taking pictures – but its not a joke to us.”  



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