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  So far, so good. I’ve been in Guadalajara for two days and no sign of bullet-ridden bodies or warring drug cartels; just a bustling, lively city with leafy squares, plenty of museums and some wonderful architecture.


  And it’s heartening that in a country where human rights aren’t the number one priority, protesters can still have their say.  Pancho—he wouldn’t give his other name–and his friend Jesus have set up an Occupy Guadalajara camp in the main Plaza de Armas, which they have surrounded with signs pleading for peace, justice, an end to bloodshed and, of course, looser marijuana laws.
  There is a British ambiance to the city at the moment as the Film Festival, which has just opened, is focusing on British movies, with a nine picture retrospective and tribute to Mike Leigh, who will also be giving a master class at the festival.
 “It’s amazing how little film industry relations Mexico has with Britain,” says festival director Ivan Trujillo, “so we want this event to be the start of an opening of a new era. 
  Across the city, Pancho and Jesus, too, are hoping for the dawn of a new era.



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