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Michael Winner…outrageous

Glad to know that age hasn’t calmed that outrageously incorrigible drinker, diner and carouser Michael Winner.   

Sophia Loren…topless

 I hear that the 76-year-old movie director, who made six films with his fellow drinking buddy Oliver Reed and went on to direct the Death Wish series with Charles Bronson, was in rare form at a lunch for the Lady Taverners in Kensington the other day.  Recounting anecdotes from his days in Hollywood he gave full vent to his favourite four-letter words and sexual references, much to the blushes of the assembled lady diners.
   One of his stories involved Sophia Loren, whom he directed in Firepower. He said she called him, upset that paparazzi had taken pictures of her topless. With typical Winner panache he asked:”Did your tits look good, dear?” “Well, yes,” she conceded.
   “No problem, then!” said Winner.



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