Oliver Stone lashes out at Martin Luther King’s family – TV Interview


In an exclusive interview with BBC arabic’s Alternative Cinema Show, Oliver Stone says: “It was ridiculous that the family and the people around Martin Luther King’s estate are so protective about his mythology. You have to break through that.”

Recently, the Oscar-winning director/writer had to drop the MLK biopic when his script, which delves into the protagonist’s adulterous life, was not approved by the MLK’s family. “Why don’t we just censor all of history and go with what is official and proper and respectable,” he exclaims.

The 67 year-old, whose movies have explored the dark side of the United State’s history and its presidents, has invariably sparked controversy and been accused of rewriting history. But he always retorted that he was a dramatist, not a historian. “I work inside history,” he says.” Drama has a license. This is not history.”

Stone also denies retracting his comments about Israel’s control of American foreign Policy. “I still believe in that,” he says. But he admits that he was wrong to claim that Jews dominates the US media.

The iconic director is currently promoting his 10-part series documentary, The Untold History of the United States, in which he excoriates his country for her obsession with wars and arms.

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